I designed a series of digital and traditional woodcuts: the struggles of immigrants in the Mediterranean sea seen as a storyboard. I played with the idea of old and new technology working together. I designed my artwork on my computer using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, them import the artwork into rhino and visual mill in order to further manipulate the image and allow me to use the full potential of a CNC Milling Machine to engrave wood in a way that would not be possible manually and print using old style printmaking technique

I worked on 2 images representing the journey of immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach European coasts. My intention is focus the attention on the relationship between the object and its representation. Differently from the Renaissance Period, where, after Brunelleschi and Leon Battista Alberti’s perspective studies, the artists wanted to represent reality through perspective, I would like to negate that. I want to investigate the non-correspondence between reality and representation of reality. We see a woman in water, she is peaceful, is she relaxing in a pool? Maybe. Or maybe is a hman being fighting for her life.