I travelled around Europe, North America, South America, Asia collecting photos of people, from Brazil to Vietnam, from New York to Rome and Berlin, Paris and Belize City, this projects wants to challenge the stereotypes behind racial physical features: you look Asian, you must be Asian. In our multicultural contemporary society we cannot mistake a specific physical characteristic and apply a strong set of features that define that person. Reality is more complex that this, the concept of identity is more complicated than that. The Posters represents different continents, and portrait a kid, as a hopeful thought of integration for the future.

All faces are made out of faces from people from a diverse continent. The 3D effect wants to push the idea that a different perspective is necessary to be able to really see the unfairness of our Society, the racism applied to people looking different, or unusual. With the 3D glass the message “One Face” easily is transformed into “No Race”, they are merged together.

Diversity is just a point of view, a distortion of reality that we are accustomed to.