I graduated in Italian Literature and Cinema Studies at the University of Rome (’00) with a major in Communications and New Media, and I started working as a press agent for Villa Celimontana Jazz, one of the most important Jazz festivals in Italy right away and until 2005. In ‘05 I moved to New York where I pursued graduate studies in Digital and Graphic Design at NYU, and co-founded a collective of media artists coopCreative, whose mission is to empower small businesses. I worked as the Art Director at WET Productions (’07-’09) a production company that produces media which challenges female stereotypes and advocates for equality.

In ‘09 I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado and worked as ADS Quality Rater for Google, while I kept pursuing my free lance webdesign carreer. I received a Master in Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Colorado State University in 2014, and I started teaching Graphic Design at CSU.

I cultivate my passion for singing through study and work as a soul singer. I’m among the founders of the independent band urbanSoul. I started training Capoeira, a brazilian martial art and dance form in 2011, my brazilian name is Onda (wave).



We see what we want to see. We perceive the world around us in our own way and sometimes our perception is far from how others might perceive it. We have got used to rely on our feelings and emotions when we see or judge something and sometimes this leads to the misinterpretation of the things around us.

The main focus of my body of work is to apply my research on how the new technologies pushed the boundaries of perspective projection distortion in the digital art world. I use perspective and projections in my work not only as a technique, but also as a philosophy. Being able of looking at the world from a different perspective, being able to challenge stereotypical perspective is a powerful way to fight inequality in our society: income inequality, gender inequality. Diversity can be as simple as a different point of view.