ROME — Having floated for at least two days in the choppy Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe, a rickety trawler overstuffed with African migrants fleeing war and poverty was nearing a Sicilian island, not even a quarter-mile away. But it was still dark and no one had yet spotted them. So to signal their position, someone set a match to a blanket. Nearly 500 people are estimated to have been on board — including children — and the blaze created a panic that capsized the boat. So close to reaching land, the migrants were now tossed into the sea. Many could not swim. Now it is night and 150 people were saved…111 people were reported dead, more than 200 are still missing…

Perspectives (10ft x 42 in). Immigration from North Africa in constantly terribly continuing to Europe, while the professionals young Europeans are flying somewhere else. The same phenomena, emigration from your Country, but by two Worlds that are completely different and even if they touch each other, don’t connect.

I would like the viewer to watch at my piece and think that there is not just one perspective to watch at the immigration issue. We are accustomed to see the world using the Mercatore’s projection. I used the Peters’ one where areas are shown in correct proportion at the expense of distorted shape. I reflected the poster left to right, to show the subjectivity of the point of view and how a new perspective can make us SEE things in a different way.

The creative challenge was to design a poster that was clear and at the same time off respect of what we accustomed to see. Changing the point of view on something as iconic as a geographic map to raise awareness on how conventions are not allowing us to really SEE.

We see what we want to see. We perceive the world around us in our own way and sometimes our perception is far from reality. We have got used to rely on our feelings and emotions when we see or judge something and sometimes this leads to the misinterpretation of the things around us, because feelings and emotions cannot be objective.