Beach beach beach

The Italian/Indian delegation is off to the beach. Ramaa and Ashok are checking the Friday Market in Sayulita, with  Daniele, Luca and myself are already splashing.

We went to what is called North Sayulita beach. Cross the river that runs through town, separating north from south, and hike the long, clean, uncrowded north side beach. Here, turtles swim ashore to lay clutches of eggs, frigates and pelicans swoop, and untouched waves crash on shifting shores of gold.  The crowd runs from the hippie campers at one end to the posh precincts of private beachfront palaces at the other. Find a spot in between, pop an umbrella, and relax on Sayulita’s most spacious stretch of sand.

After a nap and some pasta for Luca we are back to the beach for turtle release at the Campamento Tortugero, just north of the little river that cuts Playa Sayulita in half. So cute!

And since we are already here and starving how about tacos on the beach at the Terrazola beachfront?

Best Margarita of the whole trip and great fish Tacos!

Playing on the way back home

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