Day five: Galatina

Another day at the beach passed, but tonight we have plans and we have to get ready: it is June 28 and it is SS. Peter and Paul’s celebration. In Galatina there is a processions with the statue of both Saints and music, street food, and of course Taranta or Pizzica dance.

Pizzica or Taranta is a traditional popular dance of the city of Taranto and Salento region. This dance, invented by women, had the intent to show their desire to be free from the oppression of a strict and patriarchal culture. In order to give vent to the madness caused by the oppression, at the beginning of the Middle Age, women invented the myth of “tarantole” (tarantulas), a poisonous spider bite that made them insane and unhappy. The remedy found by women in order to cure their “syndrome” was a ritual made of a rhythmic music and dance able to put sick women in a catatonic state or to canalize their madness in a crazy dance the liberate them from the “spider poison”. Church tried to control this practice for years, but in vain.

Galatina is such a revelation, the atmosphere of the celebration kind of tacky, but this is how we do it. Luca is only interested in Police cars though….

… and in bubbles.

For dinner we trusted tripadvisors again, the suggestion is Anima e Cuore and…. oh boy! What a great place, service and quality of food was outstanding! Here is the terrace we had dinner on.

Here is my black squid tagliolini with cherry tomatoes, shrimp and almonds

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