Last day in Sayulita

After another day at the beach in Playa de Los Muertos, walking home Luca finally had the revelation that white rice is NOT the only think he could eat. Grilled Mahi Mahi on a stick, yeah!

Double fisting…

At night we went out and, at least me and Daniele wanted to taste the local Michelada. Last time we had one is was 10 years ago in Oaxaca. Michelada is made from a mixture of cold light beer (we asked for Pacifico), fresh lime juice, hot sauce, and a savory ingredient like Worcestershire sauce, and the secret is all in striking the right balance. This version goes for a bold acidity and noticeable heat, but you can play with the ratios to get it just the way you like it. Some recipes also call for tomato juice, which can sometimes be good, but we’ve found the most solid basic renditions omit it.

This time we tried the one at Barracuda, not bad, but the one in Oaxaca was memorable.

For dinner we finally went to Yeikame Mexican Traditional. Luca was great and he learned that even Guacamole is not bad at all….

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